About Ayrshirehealth

The vision for this blog was for it to be a weekly venture – it started on 1st June 2012 and ran weekly until June 2016. Since June the blog has moved to post occasionally, although maintaining its Christmas and New Year traditions.

The core group of contributors originally worked in the health and care arena in and around Ayrshire – either in health or care, or in academia supporting health and care – eventually it moved to embrace national and international bloggers.

The blog is not an official blog of any organisation – contributors write from a personal/professional view point.

The views are the bloggers own, they are not co-dependant on previous postings and they don’t represent the views any organisation – its highly likely they won’t relate directly to each other; that’s the joy of the blog, it will be sharing and co-learning with readers.

The golden thread that runs through the blog is the desire to share views, hopes, perhaps dreams but certainly thoughts, opinions and aspirations as well as challenges about how services are delivered and developed. Contributors care about the education, development and learning of current and future health and care professionals – they are fundamentally people people.

Contributors care about continuous improvement and safer services, innovation and research. Change is something that is both welcomed and embraced. However the foundation and underpinning principle that drives each of blogger are the care, treatment and partnership with the people with whom they co-create health/recovery and hope. They are the motivation for everything the blog stands for, they are the ‘why we do it’.

As the blog develops it saw more ‘Ayrshire’ bloggers, but also a growing list of invited guest contributors. The first cohort of bloggers spanned numerous fields of practice, length of experience and areas of expertise.

Thank you for reading this, hopefully you’ll continue to follow and read #ayrshirehealth , also available via @ayrshirehealth

Blog Master and contact person is @dtbarron – available via Twitter: email ayrshirehealth@outlook.com


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