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10 Things I learnt in 2016 by @jasonleitch

It’s harder than I thought

jason-bike1. Cycling is better than running, however, turns out the kit can be ridiculously expensive (but it’s worth it for the reversible green and black cycling jacket and the fancy reflective tabs on my cycling trousers….)

2. It’s harder than I thought to keep up the momentum for continuous improvement. This is one of the problems that troubles me most.

Within the safety programme, expanding to new areas such as dentistry and community pharmacy is great for creating new momentum. But keeping the energy around the existing programmes is more difficult.

ihi-breakthrough-model3. We have outgrown the Breakthrough Collaborative method for our more mature improvement work, so we have had to think differently:sepsis-cake

… more regional work; more campaign style changes, and more celebration.

We need not to forget to celebrate
apple4. The iPhone 7+ is way  better than the 6+ because I can now take it swimming and the phone would survive (unlike the blackberry….long story)

5. There is absolutely no substitute for understanding a system from everyone’s perspective, before you can start to improve it. Particularly service users.

nhsNHS Scotland logo6. How about this for a statistic? 73% of the UK population defines the NHS as the quintessential feature that made them proud to be British

– higher than the monarchy, higher than Dr Who, higher than the Beatles, the Armed Forces and Football Association1.

Reduce re-offending

7. I learnt that you can reduce the chances of a prisoner re-offending by six times with parenting classes in prisons. 16,500 children in Scotland live with a parent in prison every year – that is more children each year than divorce2.   hmp-shotts

And it turns out that by supporting dads to keep in touch with their kids and teaching them how best to “parent from afar” helps them to feel closer to their families and when they return home from prison, they are less likely to reoffend.

Shotts prison is doing some great improvement work as part of the Children and Young People’s Improvement Collaborative,  supporting dads to develop their parenting skills. They are making a fantastic difference.

8. Voting polls are basically rubbish. #justsaying

jason-tedx9. An acting coach is not as bad as she sounds – she taught me to get better at storytelling for “What Matters to Me: a new vital sign” for TEDx Glasgow in June.

wmtm-badgesAnd talking of What Matters To Me, I learnt that “What Matters To You Day” on June 6th 2016 attracted 500 health systems and 11 countries to take part – a fantastic achievement for everyone involved.

Have a look at the website, there are some amazing stories:

We fought hate with the only thing we had – Love !

10. And finally, I learnt how the only way to fight hate is love. On June 12 2016 The Orlando Regional Medical Center received 36 critically ill gunshot victims from the largest mass shooting in US history at the Pulse Nightclub. 36 survived.ihi-world-forum

At the IHI World Forum last week, I had the privilege to hear six of the team describe their roles and the role of hundreds of others. From an ED nurse to the CEO their compassion and technical ability were palpable.

The nurse finished her story by saying “we fought hate with the only thing we had, love“.

A very merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

This blog was written by @jasonleitch, National Clinical Director @scotgovhealth : Senior Fellow at The IHI : Health Foundation/IHI Fellow

  1. Mark Britnell, In Search of the Perfect Health System 2015
  2. Families Outside 2009, extrapolated from Scottish Prison Service 2002

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