Posted by: ayrshirehealth | May 18, 2016

In the house of tomorrow by @fionacmcqueen


  1. Thanks Fiona, I really enjoyed your blog and look forward to future updates as this strategy takes shape. I know you are passionate about prevention, improving health and reducing inequalities. A new Public Health Strategy is also in the pipeline. Do you see synergy between these strategies and the role that nurses can play in prevention, health improvement and reducing inequalities?

    • Elaine, many thanks. The strategy is essentially how we prepare nurses for the future-which will of course include public health- I do see a big role for nurses in improving our health.

  2. very nice blog post Fiona

    • Chrys-I’m glad you like it- Twitter chat on Tuesday night – please be part of it.

      • OK Fiona I will aim to do so. What time on Tuesday night? And what is the hashtag #? Chrys

  3. Fiona – You & your nursing profession colleagues in Scotland are at the forefront of real, collective future building. Join in nurses!
    Can I chip in with my (non nurse) two penneth worth ? Relationships is all there is! They are our only collateral.

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