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Revalidation – My Experience by Sue Gould

Initial thoughts and fears

I am an Advanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioner and I work on the middle grade medical rota in the neonatal unit at Crosshouse Hospital.University Hospital Crosshouse

I was one of the first people to revalidate with the NMC since the change of format.  In the run up to the change, having kept track of the proposals on the RCN and NMC websites, I didn’t change the way I was recording my practice and study days.

Revalidation bannerI used to keep a Practice Log as a MS Word™  document, recording at the end of each shift my involvement in any procedures, audits, talking to parents, deliveries, resuscitations etc.  I recorded any teaching I had received.

I coded it so that teachings, audits, talking to parents and so on were all in different coloured fonts.

It was a simple way of keeping a record of my practice and ensured I didn’t fall behind.

Revalidation format

I did reflections separately and also recorded in a Word document.

My worries when the new format of revalidation was approved were:

  1. I am going to have to put all this information into the new format? – three years worth of stuff!
  2. I have reflections but have not discussed them with anyone!
  3. What about practice related feedback?

papermountainThis will be my last revalidation before retirement. All in all, I was feeling that this was a huge amount of work that I had recorded and now I was going to have to spend a large amount of time putting it into the new format

“ another paper exercise”, I thought

I was feeling pretty negative and worried about the whole thing.

How I went about it

The first thing I did was download the blank forms from the NMC website and spent a few hours familiarising myself with each form and what they were for. This was the most time consuming bit of the whole process.Revalidation blog site

During my holiday in January I transferred all my CPD from my Word document onto the new template. Because I was on holiday I decided I would do a year each session and in all this took me three hours.

It soon became obvious that there were no problems reaching the CPD hours having completed more than 50hrs in the first year, I continued until I had logged all my hours. Linking the development back to the code was simple as was using the proforma.  I have to say this achievement did make the whole task seen less worrying.


Next I printed out my reflections in the format I had used, then using the proforma for reflection, placed the bare details of these into the new format. Again not too big a job – I  attached the original piece of work to the current proforma for each reflection.Reflective Practice

Finally, I found my five pieces of performance related feedback. Recently the ANNPs and Consultants designed a proforma for them to give us feedback on our practice. So these were ready to go.

I printed out the confirmatory pieces of paperwork, in readiness for my meeting with my manager.

The meeting with my confirmer was arranged and before I met with her, I emailed her my original practice portfolio to look through.

Final meeting

When our meeting finally arrived I had all my paperwork, which I gave to the confirmer in the morning of our meeting so she could read through it.

TimeThe meeting took about two to three hours and it was really useful session. The conversation was all about my practice and how she could see from my original practice record  where and why I had reflected on things and how they were all shaping my development.

I found it a really useful session,  far more pertinent than any other meeting I have had about my development.

At the end of the meeting I came away with all the relevant papework signed off.

Clicking the submission button

I returned to the revalidation email and clicked the submission of evidence. This is a fifteen page proforma where you tick the boxes and enter your confirmer details.

I clicked on the link made my payment and immediately got an email saying my information for revalidation and payment had been received.  You are not yet revalidated and will receive another  mail when this is done.

That confirmatory email of revalidation came the next day.

It was a really easy process.

Future Plans.

I have saved more blank proformas and will use them as I go along now for CPD and reflections.

If there is a next time, it will all be filled in ready to print out. Hindsight

However, for me retirement is beckoning and I wonder why we didn’t do it this way before.

In the meantime I have all my paperwork together in a file should I be required to provide more proof of revalidation and fitness to practice.

In hindsight there was no need to worry – it is a simple and effective way to revalidate.

This week’s blog was by Sue Gould, Advanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, Crosshouse Hospital, NHS Ayrshire & Arran




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