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Making it impossible for me to revalidate by Pamela Campbell

Unregistered, unemployed and living on the streets

Revalidation bannerWhen I discovered that I would be one of the first expected to revalidate using the new system I was convinced that I would get it all wrong and find myself unregistered, unemployed and eventually living on the streets. Missing Street

Probably a bit of an exaggeration but I was fairly convinced that this would be:

  • a complicated process that
  • would take masses of time I didn’t have
  • and would require IT skills that would take me forever to master and

making it impossible for me to revalidate”.

Shared learning

Fortunately as it turned out none of this was true.  eportfolioAfter I registered for my eportfolio I discovered a whole wealth of information on the NHS eportfolio system and also through the NMC and RCN.  RCN LogoI also had colleagues attempting to find their way though the setting up of their portfolio and, while not as extreme, also had fears about what getting it wrong might mean.

Within our team we were also sharing ideas and teaching each other about areas within the eportfolio that we had each mastered.  This made the process feel less daunting and more achievable.  Reflective PracticeWithin mental health we are used to constantly reflecting on our practise and documenting events but spending time writing reflections had fallen by the wayside.

Again once back in the swing of doing things shortly after they occurred and knowing where to put them (the trickier bit) helped a lot.

Despite being a bit of a technophobe I found the NHS eportfolio easy to navigate round and with a short teaching session on how to save things to a document for my confirmer to view I was off and running towards submission date.

Trying things out

I started by trying things out with a view that I could delete them if they weren’t quite right but found to my delight that for the most part it was as straight forward as it looked.

Confirmer informationI didn’t use the document as part of my PDR (Professional Development Review) as this had been done a few weeks previously but many of the elements of the portfolio overlapped with the review process and so we considered these when going through my portfolio.  The confirmer form links directly to the NMC and so it’s only a matter of them filling it in and you adding your user name and password for the NMC website and off it goes.

One of the most challenging aspects for me was accounting for my study hours over the past 3 years as I had a record of the courses that I had completed but not the amount of hours.  This is likely to be far easier in the future as I will now have the eportfolio to record my study and reflections as I go along.

Full blown panic

I would say to anyone who is starting out don’t go into full blown panic like I did, take your time because most of the things you need for it you already have.

After you learn how to use the eportfolio itself and get the information on you only need to check in with it once in a while and update it.  Verification for revalidationI am now still a fully registered mental health nurse and am waiting without panic to see if I will be asked for evidence.

I am also happy to say that if I do get selected I am confident that I have all that I need to show them.

This week’s blog was by Pamela Campbell, Charge Nurse, Ayrshire Crisis Resolution & Home Treatment Team, North Ayrshire Health & Social Care Partnership, NHS Ayrshire & Arran


Although Pamela used an ePortfolio (NHS Education for Scotland ePortfolio), there is no requirement to use an eportfolio, paper records are equally acceptable as part of the revalidation process.


  1. Hey Pam thanks, that’s ecouraging. You’ve put it in to perspective for me.

    • Thanks Tracy. If I can do it anyone can.

  2. Well done Pam on your wee blog, very positive, Revalidition can simple and we should embrace opportuntites in our every day nursing practice,

    Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) revalidation – workshop today!
    • 16 March at 3.30pm – Lecture Theatre, University Hospital Ayr

    Come along to find out more about revalidation and the eportfolio.

    Many thanks CPN Lorraine McGill

    • Thanks Lorraine.

  3. I have just completed my revalidation, I am a registered nurse in a care home for the elderly. After hoping it would go ahead with no problems I get an email to say they want to verify my revalidation. During the revalidation I got a lot of support from my line manager but I did find it stressful and to have to go through the verification process just stresses me more. It is not the fact I haven’t covered all the requirements because I have but the information they ask for is put in such a complex way it is difficult to understand what they want. I guess I’m going to have to look for help from my line manager again so I can remain employed. I don’t think revalidation is the answer to ensuring nurses are fit to practise any responsible employer knows if their employee is fit to do their job.

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