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..nobody does it better (part 1)

My patient safety journey started after volunteering for Improvement Science Fundamentals Course at sunny Gales. SPSPAfter this I applied and was lucky enough to secure a place on the Scottish Patient Safety Programme Fellowship. We started our journey at the Beardsmore Hotel in Glasgow, where you make a commitment to attend the residential element and so it began.

So there were :

  • four residentials and
  • three Project Surgeries and
  • eight Webex sessions in total
  • a trip to London for the International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare ……….. and of course the ‘Fieldtrip’.

Mr PotatoheadThirty likeminded strangers in a room wondering what they have signed up for, faced with seven books and discussions about projects and driver diagrams!

We came together from all over Scotland, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Wales and Scandinavia.

The residentials continued and we used Webex frequently to exact our learning and sharing. We had a golden Mister Potato head ceremony on our last residential and Rob rightly won with his PDSA song set to the tune of Mull of Kintyre.

This was on the back of us looking at different ways to integrate Demming’s theories of improvement. These stories should not detract for the improvement work that went on!

The Forum – London 2015

We set off for London on the train a fairly early start but reassured we would be in London before the rest of Cohort 7, unfortunately our train was delayed for a few hours and we nearly had an impromptu bus ride but we were redirected back onto the train. London RailwaysEventually we arrived in the capital and headed off to find our hotel, which was a short walk to the conference centre and only five minutes from the city airport. Plus it had the smallest toilet and shower and basin in the world! Why did we not fly?

We all went to Circus in Covent Garden which is a wonderful collision of cabaret and Pan Asian fusion food where the entertainment was awesome but the food was certainly not to my liking, in fact if I had a defibrillator I am sure I could have resuscitated the beef! Then my least favourite pudding in the world!

The company though was great and it was birthday celebration in some style for one of our colleagues.

So over the last 2 days I learnt that I don’t like sea food or beef that is rare.

Excel SPSP choirWhile in London we were introduced as the SPSP Fellowship choir and actually sung on the stage at the Excel London. This was after an impromptu rendition of the PDSA song for Don Berwick (@donberwick) and Maureen Bisognano (@maureenbis).

How could we say no?

Jason Leith (@jasonleitch) and Bryan Robson (brobson3) did however look slightly nervous but Cohort 7 didn’t let the side down, and in fact it prompted people to approach and ask if we were part of the choir.

Five minutes of fame for sure.

At each residential we were encouraged to explore ideas about the field trips and so the proposal of visiting Boston and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement evolved. But where else and what could we do. A conference in Galway and one in Pittsburgh and some hospital visits, a plan was formulated.

Boston in the fall

Cohort 7Now all we had to do was stay in budget, simple I hear you say however have any of you tried to book a hotel in Boston in the fall?  So the search began and the prices were ridiculous, so the decision was made that three of us would share, which posed its own problems as there is not much choice for a reasonably priced suite.

We found the perfect place or so we thought and emailed IHI to tell them where we were staying only to discover that perhaps there were more appropriate areas in Boston.

IHIOur fears where then confirmed when we received an email confirming our IHI visit which questioned where we were staying!  It couldn’t be that bad, so a quick look on trip advisor and we discovered that the advice was don’t turn right when you leave the hotel and make sure you use taxis. No right turn

Obviously this made us feel so much better about our choice! Allegedly the hotel wasn’t in the nicest part of town!

Pittsburgh was the scene of the 2015 PFCC VisionQuest, person centred care and shadowing, two posters submitted and both accepted which helped keep the cost down slightly as we managed to get two paid places due to this. Boston Childrens Hospital

We set up a trip to Boston’s Children’s Hospital, the number 1 rated in the United States of America and hopefully a meeting with J Shapiro MD of Brigham and Women’s Hospital and also Tufts Medical Center.

Flights and hotels all booked a plan in place and the posters and a carrier for them ordered.

Teach back

As we all pledged to teach back, share and be visible at the Team Scotland Huddle we now had a plan. Decisions made on small gifts that we could share during our visits. So we set off to see exactly what we could learn from our colleagues across the water.

This week’s blog was by @moragmcnulty (Morag McNulty) Senior Charge Nurse Station 16 University Hospital Ayr, NHS Ayrshire & Arran.







































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