Posted by: ayrshirehealth | October 30, 2013

Don’t Worry It’ll be Easy by @roberta_simp

What’s a blog?

“Would you write a blog for OT month?” she said.  “Yes” I said, (thinking what’s a blog?!).blog “Oh, don’t worry, it’ll be easy” she said, “just write about something that you’re involved in.”

Do you worry when somebody tells you it’ll be easy?

I’m an occupational therapy manager with a local authority and for the last six months the thing I’ve been involved in is working with my NHS colleagues to prepare the way for an integrated  occupational therapy service.   As you probably know, OT s are employed by both health and social services already, we speak the same language already, so integration will be easy…right?

So if anyone out there in the blogosphere (apparently!) has a crystal ball, please take a look in there and tell me what the future looks like.

I was the only local authority person

My first “close encounter” with integration was a two day event with 60 AHP managers in attendance. I realised as we introduced ourselves on the first morning, that I was the only local authority person in the room. (cue theme tune playing in my head…do doo do doo do! )

You can imagine how easy that was.

screeningHowever my most recent encounter was yesterday, in a meeting with three NHS and one local authority OT to find out how we could improve the quality of information shared between us at the point of referral.  I can honestly say I have rarely been in a more highly charged, positive meeting.  Good ideas all over the place, no preciousness anywhere and at the end of a couple of hours we had decided on a “test of change” that seems so simple it’s a wonder that nobody had ever thought of it before.

Come back next time to hear how it turns out, but believe me all you really need is managerial buy in, a handful of great OT s and sometimes, just sometimes,  it really can be easy.


This week’s blogger was Roberta Simpson (@Rts1ot) who is an Occupational Therapist working in South Ayrshire Local Authority.


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