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Nursing research, broadening horizons by @mz_kimb

ECCF Group discussion

The end goal

I would like to say I chose a Master in Research (M.Res) as a way to broaden my horizons and meet new people and hear interesting ideas, but I didn’t.  It has however to become the best lesson I have learned through the process.

On undertaking the masters I envisioned becoming very knowledgeable in the subject area and having a real in depth knowledge of nursing research. However the end goal was, and is, to become a better nurse.

While I am becoming increasingly knowledgeable and my understanding of nursing research has grown I have noted that my knowledge of research overall, especially within other subject areas, has enabled me to not only understand nursing research better but also to be able to put into a world context.

Nurse, academic and personal.

ECCF 1Through the Early Clinical Career Fellowship (ECCF) programme I have been afforded several opportunities to come into contact with those outwith mental health nursing which have become invaluable to my development as a nurse, academic and dare I say person!

The ECCF programme gives opportunity for nurses to network and reflect, this has been greatly beneficial as it has given me, as a mental health nurse, an opportunity to see the perspectives and hear the experiences of my adult nursing and midwifery colleges. The action learning sets are seldom quiet affairs!

As part of the M.Res component of ECCF I have undertaken taught modules which fall under the Business School within the University. These modules are very specific to research however are university wide therefore spanning everything from computer programming through psychology to biology. ECCF NetworkAs part of the modules we have been asked to comment on others work and assist them in reflection of their projects.

The process of making sense of their projects within a research context has enabled me to understand issues from various perspectives and therefore make my own project increasingly robust. The requirement for me to explain my own project to those with no experience within my field has taught (and is still teaching) me how to articulate myself in relation to my project in a clear and understandable way.

Walking as research

I am also undertaking a module within the creative and cultural industries department within the university, my class mates include a Scottish BAFTA winner, a radio guru, a university lecturer and a nurse working within IPCU – a mixed bunch! 

This module has challenged me to consider various methods of research which sit very opposing to my own post positivist paradigm (even in writing this I now recognise I am increasingly unconvinced of my loyalty to this paradigm). ECCF Discussion 1.2.1While I recognise that I will never be able to use ‘walking as research’ within my work as a nurse the knowledge that this work is out there has inspired me to be more creative with my work. It has encouraged me to look at issues such as space and aesthetics more closely and consider my influence on environment and subsequently outcome.

While I cite ECCF as the main driver in enabling me to discuss my research with others I also have to thank the friends, colleagues, family and my boyfriend for allowing me to chatter on and for giving some great feedback.

I would encourage everyone to get talking about their projects to others but more importantly to get listening to others. I have found it has ensured I am continually reflecting and challenging myself from perspectives other than my own.

@mz_kimb is a mental health nurse working working in a Primary Care Mental Health Team in NHS Ayrshire and Arran

Next week the final blog in our trilogy of ECCF bloggers comes from @taylor121987



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