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ECCF personal and professional improvement by @ikanerz

Early Clinical Career Fellowship

Having recently completed the Early Clinical Careers Fellowship (ECCF).  I’d like to share with you some thoughts about the process.


The ECCF is an initiative unique to Scotland designed to assist talented newly qualified nurses and midwives develop the personal, professional and academic skills they need to become nurse leaders.

I chose to do and MSc in nursing from the University of the West of Scotland and I recently completed research quantitatively measuring levels of empathy in mental health nurses within Ayrshire & Arran (Kane et al 2013).   I have always been interested in exactly what nurses do, their specific role and what they do well.

A common theme

Having completed the ECCF and MSc , I was struck by a common theme from my peers within the ECCF, and also peers who began the process after me.  ECCF 2It was not a romanticised or grandiose theme or goal, that one may expect from a group of enthusiastic and largely youthful cohorts of nurses, who were being given the opportunity to ‘develop the personal, professional and academic skills they need to become nurse leaders’ (knowing that the next series of The Apprentice has started, I’m sure you understand what I’m talking about here:)).

The common theme noted was that of personal and professional improvement, one of improvement towards a common goal.  That goal?  To be a better nurse! Not a better nurse than someone who hasn’t been given, or sought the opportunity to become part of the ECCF or to complete an MSc.  Not the doors that may open with an MSc,  nor the perceived status this may result in, but simply,  to become a better nurse, towards the ultimate benefit of the patients we serve.

My peers and I have, and are engaged in a wholesome and rewarding process.  We do not expect the chap on the door asking if we want to be the next Chief Nursing Officer;  we understand that this is not the end result, but merely and ongoing evolution of contemporary nurses;  we will continue to seek out opportunities which will help us become better nurses, and importantly we will encourage and enthuse others.

@ikranez is a Charge Nurse working in the Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Team in NHS Ayrshire and Arran

Next week blog two in our trilogy from our ECCF fellows is from @mz_kimb

Graham M Kane, Austyn Snowden, Colin R Martin (2013) Empathy in mental health nursing: learned, acquired or lost?. 2 (1).;journal_uid=67


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