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Perhaps ….. maybe … by @aileenahpmh

Perhaps……. Maybe….


Realising Potential has provided me with a focus I didn’t fully appreciate was missing.

Whilst my role involved me in fairly high level conversations around what our priorities should be, and I was well aware of a number of key documents which surround us, my vision, perhaps was slightly blurred maybe because I was looking at them with the eyes of an Allied Health professional (AHP).

Perhaps Realising Potential for me was akin to putting on a pair of glasses and seeing clearly what I have been looking at without straining my eyesight.


the purpose of the action plan is to unlock the aspirations of Allied Health Professional clinicians on how they deliver services, to maybe  provide a virtual support to enable clinicians to demonstrate the courage in influencing services, perhaps its to provide a strong message of the necessity for the continuous  improvement of  knowledge and skills, maybe its a promotion of a culture of working in partnership where AHPs have the conversations and build the relationships both locally and nationally which would underpin the strengthening of  AHP contributions-most importantly with the people who use our services.


AHPs are building the confidence to take risks, risks around voicing their perspective and expertise around how AHP’s can contribute to improving the quality of the lives of people referred to their teams.

Particularly the many AHPs who work within multi-disciplinary teams and in many cases across several different teams often as a lone profession on a daily basis.


AHP’s see the visions presented to them through different eyes, use different language both of which present challenges when the path of least resistance is to agree and mirror the opinions of the greater number, the more experienced, the strongest people within the team.


Realising potential has given Allied Health Professionals a platform (and a blog) and an expectation to take on the responsibility of leadership.

It’s an exciting time for AHPs, the agendas around self management are comfortable terrain for us, AHPs are well used to teaching people the skills necessary to feel empowered in their own recovery, AHPs are well used to not being in control of a persons behaviour and coping strategies but sit from a position of encouraging informed choice around decisions a person makes which may impact positively on their health and well-being.

The on-going challenge is as people sit in the centre of influence with regards to their own futures how do we figure out any improvement today and tomorrow was actually partly down to the contact they had with our services.


it is not the answers Realising Potential introduces but the questions the document manifests in the reader regardless of professional background and perhaps the conversations it begins which is maybe its most important legacy.

The Realising potential action plan was launched across Scotland in June 2010.

The first national document in Scotland providing a vision around the contribution of Allied Health professionals  working as partners in supporting the recovery of people working towards better mental health and well-being.

To read the detail Google Realising Potential and look for a paint brush or (if you work within NHS Ayrshire & Arran) look on Athena for progress, if you want to hear some detail just look on YouTube for the 8minute DVD.


you just want a conversation – just contact an Allied Health Professional.

Aileen Fyfe

Principal Occupational Therapist

With a lead role for the implementation of the Realising Potential action plan within Ayrshire & Arran.

Twitter @aileenahpmh

November 2012

Realising Potential. An Action plan for allied health professionals in mental health:


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